Trump’s warning of a potential ‘BLOODBATH’ if he loses the election and his labeling of migrants as ‘animals’ trigger a meltdown in the liberal media.

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Experts Skeptical of Former President Trump’s Warning of Market Crash in Case of Defeat

Former President Donald Trump has issued a warning about a possible market crash if he loses the upcoming election, claiming it could be the largest in history. However, experts and market veterans are dismissing his statements, attributing them to his typical rhetoric.

Trump’s warnings carry historical context, as he previously made similar claims in 2020, particularly regarding the market’s fate if Joe Biden were to be elected. During recent rallies, Trump has intensified his rhetoric, even suggesting a “bloodbath” if he loses, painting a bleak picture of the consequences for the country.

In addition to market concerns, Trump has criticized his opponent, Joe Biden, on various fronts, including immigration policies, trade deals, and potential impacts on Social Security and Medicare. Trump has also thrown his support behind Ohio Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, aligning with the pro-Trump faction of the party.

Despite allegations against Moreno, Trump has dismissed them, accusing Democrats of treating him unfairly. Furthermore, Trump has openly criticized other candidates in the Ohio Senate race, demonstrating his active involvement in the upcoming elections.

While Trump’s rally speeches have featured prominent figures like Ohio Sen. JD Vance and South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, the warnings about a market crash have been met with skepticism from experts, who urge caution in interpreting such statements.

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