Trump is making ‘wild’ claims about late hush money documents, prosecutors say

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Manhattan DA’s Office Streamlines Trump Trial with Document Disclosure

In a recent development concerning the trial involving former President Donald Trump, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office has made strides towards streamlining proceedings. Among the over 170,000 documents provided to Trump’s legal team, only about 300 are deemed potentially relevant to his criminal defense, as confirmed by the DA’s office.

The bulk of the new and pertinent evidence stems from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen. However, it’s emphasized that these findings do not directly implicate Trump in the allegations against Cohen.

Cohen’s 2018 guilty plea to various charges, including secret payments to women and lying to Congress, is anticipated to play a central role in the trial. Specifically, the hush money payments to Stormy Daniels stand as a focal point, alleging Trump’s involvement in falsifying business records.

The DA’s office has clarified that a mere 270 documents out of the recent disclosure are fresh and applicable to the case. Additionally, a documentary featuring Stormy Daniels, aired just before the trial’s initial commencement, has been addressed in court filings.

Further, the extensive documentation turned over by the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, totaling 200,000 pages, includes materials pertinent to Cohen’s prosecution, contributing to the trial’s comprehensive scope.

Trump’s request for a significant adjournment of the trial was labeled a “red herring” by prosecutors, leading to the trial’s postponement until at least mid-April. In response to Trump’s claims of untimely disclosure, prosecutors have rebuffed allegations of misconduct and defended their disclosure process.

The trial, initially scheduled for March 25, has been rescheduled to accommodate Trump’s request for more time to review documents related to Cohen. The case is part of a series of criminal indictments against Trump, who has pleaded not guilty in each instance.

The DA’s office continues to uphold transparency in the trial proceedings, ensuring a fair and comprehensive examination of the facts. As discussions ensue regarding trial logistics and Trump’s legal requests, the justice system remains committed to upholding due process and accountability.

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