Surgeons have achieved world’s 1st successful transplantation of pig kidney into man

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Groundbreaking Surgery: Man Receives Pig Kidney Transplant

In an incredible medical achievement, doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston have successfully carried out the world’s first pig kidney transplant into a living human recipient. Richard Slayman, a 62-year-old man, was the fortunate recipient of this groundbreaking procedure.

The pig kidney that Slayman received was not just any ordinary organ. It was genetically modified using advanced CRISPR-Cas9 technology. This cutting-edge technique allowed surgeons to remove harmful pig genes and insert human genes to ensure compatibility with Slayman’s body.

This surgery comes as a ray of hope for Slayman, who had previously undergone a human kidney transplant in 2018 after years of dialysis. Unfortunately, his transplanted kidney failed five years later, forcing him to resume dialysis in 2023.

On March 16, the remarkable surgery took place, lasting four hours. Almost immediately after the procedure, the pig kidney began producing urine, indicating its functionality.

Today, Slayman is on the path to recovery and is expected to be discharged from the hospital soon. His successful transplant marks a significant milestone in xenotransplantation, offering hope to countless individuals suffering from end-stage kidney disease.

Massachusetts General Brigham, known for its pioneering medical advancements, played a crucial role in this historic surgery. The pig kidney used in the transplant was provided by eGenesis, a local biotechnology company, which meticulously engineered the organ with 69 genetic modifications to ensure compatibility.

Under the FDA’s compassionate use program, Slayman underwent the procedure, supported by a team of skilled surgeons and medical experts. They express optimism that xenotransplantation could potentially address the critical shortage of organs for transplantation.

As Slayman continues his recovery journey, this remarkable achievement opens doors to a future where organ shortages may no longer be a barrier to life-saving transplants.

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