NYPD officer Jonathan Diller shot, killed during traffic stop leaves behind wife and baby

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Guy Rivera, 34, fired on Officer Jonathan Diller, 31, after being ordered out of an illegally parked car in Queens, officials reported.

In a devastating turn of events, a routine encounter turned deadly when Guy Rivera, 34, fired upon Officer Jonathan Diller, 31, after being confronted for parking illegally in Queens. The incident unfolded when Officer Diller, along with his partner Officer Veckash Khedna, approached the illegally parked car and ordered Rivera to step out.

Refusing to comply, Rivera unleashed gunfire through the passenger window, striking Officer Diller in the torso. In a swift response, Officer Khedna returned fire, hitting Rivera in the back. Lindy Jones, 41, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, was taken into custody, although no charges have been filed against him yet.

Despite being gravely injured, Officer Diller valiantly attempted to disarm the shooter before succumbing to his wounds. Rivera, with a history of 21 prior arrests, including serious charges like first-degree robbery and drug offenses, underwent surgery at Jamaica Hospital and is expected to survive.

Mayor Eric Adams rushed to Jamaica Hospital to mourn Officer Diller’s loss, expressing deep sorrow alongside other officials including Police Commissioner Edward A. Caban. Mayor Adams highlighted the tragedy of Officer Diller’s death amidst another recent incident, where a man was charged with murder for pushing another off a subway platform in East Harlem.

In the wake of this tragedy, Mayor Adams emphasized that despite a decrease in murders and shootings citywide, the loss of Officer Diller underscores the risks officers face daily to keep communities safe. The procession and funeral arrangements for Officer Diller have been organized, with his body being taken to a funeral home on Long Island for a service scheduled for Saturday morning.

Officer Diller, a three-year veteran of the force and part of the community response team in Queens South, leaves behind a legacy of service and dedication. With over 70 arrests to his name and numerous accolades for his exemplary duty, his untimely death has deeply impacted both the law enforcement community and the residents he served.

As the city mourns the loss of Officer Diller, there’s a collective call to honor his memory and recognize the sacrifices made by officers like him in ensuring public safety. Community members and officials alike stress the importance of remembering Officer Diller’s service and the risks officers undertake in their line of duty.

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