Lesbian couple who are first in UK to give birth to each other’s sons

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The lesbian couple, who are the first in the UK to give birth to each other’s sons, liken the experience of finding a sperm donor to using the dating app Tinder.

Emily Patrick, a 38-year-old creative producer, and Kerry Osborn, a 35-year-old school teacher, from Gosport, Hampshire, are celebrating the birth of their two sons, Elvis and Ezra. What makes their story unique is the method through which these babies were brought into the world.

Using a pioneering technique called simultaneous reciprocal IVF, the couple became the first in the UK to attempt this procedure. Through reciprocal IVF, Emily and Kerry exchanged embryos, each carrying a child biologically related to the other. This means that Elvis and Ezra are half-brothers, sharing the same biological father.

However, the journey towards parenthood was not without its challenges. Emily faced complications due to endometrial polyps, which can affect embryo implantation, adding hurdles to their fertility journey.

Despite the challenges, the couple remained steadfast in their desire to have children. They even ventured back to New Zealand, where they first met, with their newborn sons.

Reflecting on their journey, Kerry emphasized the importance of starting the process early and being prepared for unexpected twists and turns. The couple invested £25,000 in the procedure, highlighting the financial commitment required for such treatments.

The decision to undergo reciprocal IVF was driven by their desire for a family where both partners felt deeply connected to each other’s children. Emily and Kerry wanted to create a bond that went beyond genetics, embracing a shared journey of pregnancy and motherhood.

Their story also sheds light on the evolving landscape of LGBTQ+ parenthood. Kerry expressed gratitude for the progress made in societal acceptance, making options like reciprocal IVF more accessible to same-sex couples.

Their love story, which began on Tinder in 2017, culminated in the shared experience of pregnancy and childbirth, solidifying their bond as a couple and as mothers to their sons.

As they navigate the joys and challenges of parenthood, Emily and Kerry serve as pioneers in redefining traditional notions of family and parenthood, paving the way for others in similar journeys.

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