and Highlights Magazine Team Up to Promote Internet Safety for Kids

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For more than 75 years, children have enjoyed flipping through the pages of Highlights magazine, filled with colorful stories, puzzles, and activities. These have helped them learn and grow, becoming their best selves. While many lessons from Highlights remain relevant today, the way children access information has changed with the internet.

Today, kids can search the web as soon as they learn to say, “Hey Google.” Growing up with technology at their fingertips means they must learn to make smart decisions online. To address this, announced a $20 million commitment for Safer Internet Day. This commitment aims to support digital well-being, mental health, and online safety for kids of all ages.

As part of this initiative, partnered with Highlights to create a special edition of the magazine based on Google’s Be Internet Awesome curriculum. Designed for ages six to 12, this edition teaches kids how to recognize online scams, create strong passwords, and take breaks from screens.

Mindy Brooks, who works on kids and family experiences at Google, expressed excitement about this collaboration. She thinks they can reach more families and give them the confidence to feel comfortable navigating the digital world by rethinking the curriculum.

The print edition of this special Highlights magazine will reach over one million subscribers. Additionally, 250,000 copies will be provided to schools and organizations serving lower-income communities. Digital versions will also be available for free online.

To understand more about the creation process, we spoke with Highlights editors Joelle Dujardin and Marlo Scrimizzi. They shared insights into what children can expect from the special edition and the challenges of crafting content focused on internet safety.

Marlo highlighted the importance of striking a balance between educating kids about online dangers while also emphasizing the internet’s usefulness. Joelle emphasized the need to make the content meaningful for children with varying levels of internet experience.

Both editors also discussed how working on this project helped them adopt better internet safety habits. They emphasized the importance of teaching children about internet safety from a young age to help them navigate the digital world confidently and spread kindness online.

In a world where the internet plays a significant role in children’s lives, initiatives like this collaboration between and Highlights magazine are crucial for ensuring children’s safety and well-being online.

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