Former Mississippi deputy gets more than 27 years in prison for racist torture of 2 Black men

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Former Mississippi Deputy Receives Lengthy Prison Sentence for Racist Torture of Black Men

In a recent court ruling, a former deputy in Mississippi has been sentenced to more than 27 years in prison for his role in a horrifying incident of racist torture against two Black men. The judge described the act as “egregious and despicable.”

Brett McAlpin, aged 53, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Tom Lee after admitting his guilt in the attack. This comes after a fifth former sheriff’s deputy involved in the incident received a similar sentence just the day before.

Christian Dedmon, 29, and Daniel Opdyke, 28, were sentenced to 40 years and 17.5 years respectively for their participation in the brutal assault. Two other former deputies, Hunter Elward and Jeffrey Middleton, also faced lengthy prison terms for their involvement in the crime.

Former Mississippi Deputy Receives Lengthy Prison Sentence for Racist Torture of Black Men
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The incident involved a group of law enforcement officers breaking into a home and subjecting two Black men to torture, including beatings, repeated use of stun guns, and other forms of abuse. The victims, Michael Corey Jenkins and Eddie Terrell Parker, were also falsely charged with crimes as part of a cover-up orchestrated by the officers.

The court heard statements from the victims, with Jenkins expressing that he “felt like a slave” and was “left to die like a dog.” The sentencing judge handed down prison terms at the top end of the guidelines for each of the deputies involved.

This incident sheds light on the culture of corruption within the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office, where some officers referred to themselves as “The Goon Squad.” Federal prosecutors revealed that the officers involved had a history of violent encounters with Black men, further highlighting the racial nature of the attack.

The majority-white Rankin County, where the incident occurred, is located just east of Jackson, a city with a high percentage of Black residents. The victims were subjected to racial slurs and told to “stay out of Rankin County.”

The sentencing comes amidst calls for accountability within law enforcement, with victims Jenkins and Parker filing a civil lawsuit against the department and calling for the resignation of Sheriff Bryan Bailey, who has been accused of failing to address the corruption within his office.

As the legal proceedings continue, the community awaits justice and reforms to ensure the protection and fair treatment of all citizens by law enforcement agencies.

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