Former inmate, motivated by encounter with Kate, urges cancer-afflicted princess: ‘Please keep fighting – you won’t let it beat you’

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Francesca Fattore, a 44-year-old former prisoner, met Princess Kate during a visit to HMP Send in Surrey after completing a 12-week rehab program.

Inspired by their encounter, Fattore now runs a YouTube channel called UK Ex Female Prisoner, where she shares advice on jail life, discusses experiences with other ex-convicts, and provides mental health guidance.

Now the ex-con, who lives in Reading, has sent words of support to the princess, who announced she had cancer on March 22
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Additionally, Fattore has established a Facebook group to support female prisoners, addressing various issues including housing problems and gambling addiction. Together with a former prison mental health specialist, they plan to transform this community into a charity to financially assist homeless female ex-convicts.

She talked to women she had previously met at the prison in 2015 who had since been released and were trying to rebuild their families
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Upon learning of Princess Kate’s cancer diagnosis, Fattore was deeply shocked, especially as she is currently caring for her own mother, Janet, who battles the disease. In response, Princess Kate announced her diagnosis through a video message, explaining how she had undergone preventative chemotherapy after cancer was discovered following a major abdominal surgery in January.

King Charles shared a comical exchange with a royal fan about her 17-year-old spaniel named 'Camilla' on Easter Sunday
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The timing of the announcement, believed to be on March 22, was possibly chosen to shield her children from immediate questions during their Easter break. Despite the diagnosis, the royal family spent the holiday together, adjusting to the news.

In the video, the Princess explained how 'it has taken us time to explain everything to George, Charlotte and Louis in a way that is appropriate for them' and to 'reassure them that I am going to be okay' (pictured: the Prince and Princess of Wales with Princess Charlotte, Prince George, Prince Louis and Mia Tindall)
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During their meeting, Fattore encouraged Princess Kate to remain strong, offering words of support. She highlighted the impact of their encounter, expressing gratitude for Kate’s interest in her story, which left her feeling empowered and valued.

King Charles III at Buckingham Palace for a Windsor Leadership Trust event last week
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Reflecting on her journey, Fattore shared her transformation from a life of crime to finding purpose through programs like Forward Trust. She emphasized the importance of early intervention and support, echoing Princess Kate’s sentiments about the need for assistance before reaching critical points.

As the royal family navigates this challenging time, the support and love from well-wishers, including Fattore’s, serve as a source of comfort and strength.

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