Escort Katherine Taylor: That’s Me In The Viral Steph Curry Photo

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Woman who Steph Curry’s iconic golf celebration is a $900-an-hour ESCORT – and jokes she needs to go to NBA games ‘fully clothed’ in future after going viral on social media

Woman who Steph Curry's iconic golf celebration is a $900-an-hour ESCORT - and jokes she needs to go to NBA games 'fully clothed' in future after going viral on social media
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Katherine Taylor, a woman from San Francisco, found herself thrust into the spotlight when she accidentally photobombed Steph Curry’s celebratory moment during a game against the Milwaukee Bucks. This unexpected turn of events shed light on Taylor’s life as an escort, charging $900 for one-hour experiences.

Escort Katherine Taylor: That's Me In The Viral Steph Curry Photo
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Despite her Twitter account being deleted, Taylor reposted the viral photo featuring herself, embracing the unexpected fame. She even joked about needing to dress more formally for future NBA games, a testament to her good humor in the face of newfound attention.

The viral photo not only captured Taylor but also a man sitting in front of her, sparking speculation about his marital status. This added an extra layer of intrigue to the already buzzing social media sphere.

While the Golden State Warriors emerged victorious in the game, with Curry leading the charge, it was Taylor’s moment that stole the spotlight, garnering significant attention on social media and in pop culture.

Online sleuths quickly uncovered Taylor’s identity, leading to further documentation of her reaction to the viral moment. Her attire at the game, described as leaving little to the imagination, added fuel to the conversation among NBA fans.

Despite the unexpected nature of her newfound fame, Taylor may leverage it for marketing her escort services, including packages for attending NBA games. This viral moment could open up new opportunities and adventures for her in the future.

In conclusion, Katherine Taylor’s unintentional photobomb at the NBA game not only captured a memorable moment but also propelled her into the limelight, sparking discussions and speculation across social media platforms. Only time will tell what adventures await her as she navigates this newfound fame.

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