Earthquake Strikes New Jersey: Aftershocks Felt Across Northeast

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An earthquake in New Jersey sparks aftershocks felt across the Northeast.

Map shows the area affected by a 4.8 earthquake, centered in New Jersey, on April 5, 2024.
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Today, a significant earthquake shook the state of New Jersey, sending tremors felt across the Northeastern United States. The initial quake measured 4.8 on the Richter scale and had its epicenter near Tewksbury, New Jersey. Following the mainshock, multiple aftershocks have been reported, including one with a magnitude of 4.0.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) explained that aftershocks, smaller earthquakes that follow the main event, are common after such seismic activity. These aftershocks can occur over days or weeks, and their timing and location cannot be predicted accurately.

Governor Phil Murphy urged residents to follow emergency guidelines and avoid calling 911 unless facing a genuine emergency. The USGS estimates a 78% chance of aftershocks with a magnitude greater than 3.0 within the next week, though higher aftershocks are less likely.

The earthquake rattled cities including Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston, with reports of shaking coming from over 200 miles away. While the quake’s intensity varied depending on the distance from the epicenter, it stirred memories of previous seismic events in the region.

New York Governor Kathy Hochul assured the public that authorities are assessing any impacts or damages resulting from the earthquake. Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island reported no major damage or injuries.

Scientists are now working to identify the fault responsible for the earthquake. The Ramapo fault zone in the Newark basin is suspected, but uncertainties remain due to the complex fault network in the region.

While some speculate about the significance of the earthquake about biblical prophecies, experts emphasize the natural geologic processes behind seismic events. Despite the apprehension surrounding the quake, no evidence suggests it signals the end times.

As the Northeast grapples with the aftermath of this seismic event, authorities urge residents to stay informed and prepared for any potential aftershocks.

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