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On Thursday evening, British actress Cara Delevingne took a break from her successful stint in Cabaret to support her favorite football team, Chelsea FC, as they triumphed over Manchester United in a thrilling match.

Keeping warm, Cara wore a blue beanie atop her head
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Dressed in a personalized Chelsea football shirt with her surname proudly displayed, Cara’s animated display of support didn’t go unnoticed as she watched the game at Stamford Bridge. Despite the chilly weather, she kept warm with a blue beanie and a long-sleeved white top underneath her kit.

The talented star layered up with a long sleeve white top beneath her blue home kit shirt
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Cole Palmer was mobbed by his team-mates and took home the match ball after Chelsea won
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The match itself was a rollercoaster of emotions, with Manchester United initially taking the lead after a remarkable comeback from being 2-0 down. However, Chelsea staged an incredible turnaround, clinching a 4-3 victory with Cole Palmer’s late goals.

Fully immersed in the thrilling atmosphere, Cara hoisted her blue and white scarf above her head and screamed her team on to victory from the sidelines
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Cara was fully immersed in the excitement, cheering on her team from the sidelines and even switching seats from the owners’ box to a £4,000 seat in the dugout for the second half. Her passionate support for Chelsea was evident as she waved her blue and white scarf and screamed encouragement throughout the game.

At one point, Cara switched her football shirt for a bomber jacket
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This outing to the football stadium came amidst Cara’s successful debut in the West End production of Cabaret, where she portrays the iconic character Sally Bowles. Sharing her excitement about her stage debut, Cara expressed admiration for the actors who have previously taken on the role and her eagerness to be part of the production.

Cara has been a longterm supported of the team and posed for a cheeky snap with then David Luiz in 2014
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In Cabaret, Cara stars alongside Olivier Award-winning actor Luke Treadaway, who plays The Emcee. The duo will continue to captivate audiences until June 1, 2024.

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Cara’s dedication to both her acting career and her passion for football highlights her versatility as an artist and a sports enthusiast. Whether on stage or at the stadium, Cara Delevingne continues to captivate audiences with her talent and enthusiasm.

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