brazilian worker kicks american tourist in the face for haggling prices on drinks

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American tourist or this Brazilian worker was at fault? many sources, various narratives

According to the above tweet, a Brazilian worker allegedly kicked an American Tourister during a dispute over drink prices. The incident raises questions: Was the Brazilian worker unjustifiably aggressive, or did the American Tourister’s behavior provoke such a reaction? It remains unclear whether the worker reacted excessively or if the tourist crossed a boundary, prompting the worker’s response.

However, the version of events presented on this website tells a different story:

[Link to the website:]

Drunken Woman Causes Disturbance in Palmeiras Cafeteria, Ends Up Assaulted by Employee

An incident unfolded at Lanchonete Gui Lanches on Avenida Dr. José Mariano in Palmeiras on Tuesday, August 9, around 3:50 pm. A 40-year-old woman reportedly engaged in a heated argument with cafeteria staff, allegedly intoxicated from consuming alcohol secretly. According to police reports, her agitation led to her screaming and throwing objects, causing damage to the establishment, including breaking glassware.

The situation escalated when a 20-year-old employee intervened and forcibly removed the woman from the premises. However, the encounter turned violent, resulting in the employee reportedly kicking the woman in the face, causing her to bleed. Shockingly, bystanders captured the altercation on video and circulated on social media.

Responding authorities found the woman in distress with a bleeding nose and promptly transported her to Arnaldo Gavazza Filho Hospital for medical attention. Following treatment, she was taken to the Regional Civil Police Station for further investigation.

The incident highlights concerns regarding alcohol-related disturbances and workplace violence, prompting calls for increased vigilance and responsible behavior in public spaces. Authorities are urging witnesses to come forward with any pertinent information to aid in investigating the incident.

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