attorneys for Angelina Jolie say that Brad Pitt began abusing her physically prior to their 2016 plane incident

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Angelina Jolie has made serious allegations against her former husband, Brad Pitt

She says that Pitt was physically abusive towards her even before the 2016 airplane incident. Jolie filed a motion with the Los Angeles Superior Court, where she stated that she tried to sell her share of the Miraval winery to Pitt. However, the negotiations fell apart because Pitt insisted on a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). This agreement would prevent Jolie from talking about the abuse she suffered.

Pitt had filed a lawsuit against Jolie in 2022, claiming they had agreed not to sell their stake in the winery without each other’s permission. But Jolie’s recent motion highlights the abusive history and the NDA dispute.

Jolie was initially willing to sign an NDA, but only if it pertained to not speaking negatively about Miraval’s wine business. However, Pitt demanded a broader NDA, which Jolie refused to agree to.

Despite the alleged abuse, Jolie never pressed charges against Pitt after the 2016 incident. Instead, she focused on her family’s healing process. In 2021, she sold her half of the winery to Tenute del Mondo.

These legal battles are not only taking a toll on Jolie emotionally but also financially. It’s a difficult time for her and her family as they navigate through these challenging circumstances.

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