At least 40 killed, more than 100 wounded in ‘terrorist attack’ on Russia’s Crocus City Hall

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In a tragic terrorist attack, Moscow’s Crocus City Hall fell victim to a devastating attack that has left at least 40 people dead and over 100 injured.

The incident, labeled a “terrorist attack” by Russia’s foreign ministry, has sent shockwaves through the city and beyond.

Information coming forth from the scene depicts a somber scenario. Gunmen stormed the venue, opening fire indiscriminately and setting off explosives, causing extensive damage. Most of the building is now engulfed in flames, with the roof partially collapsed, adding to the horror of the situation.

Eyewitnesses report that several assailants, numbering up to five, launched the attack, catching concert-goers off guard. Panic ensued as the attackers threw grenades or incendiary bombs, igniting a fire within the hall.

The aftermath of the attack prompted swift action from authorities. Public events in nearby Podolsk were canceled as a precautionary measure, and Russian rescue services worked tirelessly to evacuate approximately 100 people from the building’s basement.

This tragedy comes at a sensitive time for Russia, just days after President Vladimir Putin secured another term in a highly contested election. It also follows recent warnings from the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, urging Americans to avoid large gatherings due to potential security threats.

While investigations are ongoing, the international community has expressed solidarity with the victims and their families. The White House, though limited in its information, has condemned the attack, with National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby emphasizing the need for caution among Americans in Moscow.

As the city grapples with this senseless act of violence, the focus remains on supporting those affected and preventing further harm. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present threat posed by terrorism, underscoring the importance of unity and resilience in the face of adversity.

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