After declaring his love for Australian OnlyFans model Mikaela Testa last month, Ryan Garcia now says he’s looking for a new girlfriend in a shirtless Instagram photo.

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Recently, Ryan Garcia revealed on Instagram that he is searching for a new partner. This comes after a few weeks ago, when he professed his love for an Australian OnlyFans model.

    However, fans are worried about Garcia's mental wellbeing following concerning social media posts
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    In recent news, professional boxer Ryan Garcia has stirred up controversy by accusing Logan Paul and KSI of promoting Satanism through their Prime drink. Garcia didn’t hold back, criticizing the taste and ingredients of the beverage, claiming it tasted terrible and contained harmful substances.

    Ryan Garcia reveals he's searching for a new girlfriend in shirtless Instagram post... despite saying he was in love with Australian OnlyFans model Mikaela Testa last month
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    Logan Paul, in response, mocked Garcia’s allegations on a podcast, poking fun at Garcia’s past belief in conspiracy theories like the flat Earth theory.

    Celebrity Controversies and Home Renovations: A Recap
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    But Garcia didn’t stop there. He also made shocking claims about the alleged Bohemian Grove, accusing elites of engaging in disturbing activities, including child abuse. These accusations have raised eyebrows and sparked intense debate.

    Meanwhile, across the pond, Hollywood stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz found themselves in a battle with locals over renovations to their London home. Their plans to demolish a poorly-constructed conservatory and build a rear extension with a balcony faced objections from concerned residents.

    Critics argued that the proposed changes wouldn’t fit the original style of the Victorian terraced home and raised concerns about the removal of historic features like marginal glazing from a first-floor window.

    After much back and forth, adjustments were made to the plans. The rear extension was omitted, and the existing conservatory was upgraded with new glazing and roofing. These changes ultimately led to the withdrawal of objections, and the revised plans were approved by the council’s chief planning officer.

    In summary, while controversies swirl around public figures like Ryan Garcia, and celebrities navigate battles over home renovations, these stories serve as a reminder that fame and fortune don’t shield anyone from scrutiny or challenges.

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