300 women suing Chicago-area gynecologist who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing patients

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Lawsuit alleges that a Chicago physician abused over 300 women spanning several decades.

A Chicago gynecologist named Dr. Fabio Ortega is facing serious allegations. It is claimed that he abused over 300 women over many years. This has led to a lawsuit against two hospitals in Chicago, NorthShore Medical Group and Swedish Covenant Hospital. The lawsuit accuses these hospitals of ignoring complaints about Dr. Ortega’s behavior.

In 2021, Dr. Ortega acknowledged that he had sexually abused two patients. However, the lawsuit suggests that hospital staff knew about his actions and kept complaints hidden for a long time. The lawsuit was filed by a woman known as “Jane Doe 300,” who experienced abuse during her visits to Dr. Ortega.

The allegations against Dr. Ortega are disturbing. He is accused of performing unnecessary pelvic exams and asking intrusive questions about patients’ private lives. Some patients reported the abuse to nursing assistants, family doctors, and even the police, but it seems no action was taken.

Even though complaints were made, Dr. Ortega was allowed to continue working without supervision. This is despite the serious nature of the accusations against him. Eventually, his medical license was revoked, and he is no longer allowed to practice medicine.

The lawsuit was filed by a law firm named Stinar Gould Grieco & Hensley. Dr. Ortega served three years in prison for his admitted crimes. The hospitals involved have stated that they have “absolutely no tolerance for abuse” and will investigate all allegations.

The Illinois Department of Corrections has confirmed that Dr. Ortega was placed on parole and later discharged. However, there are still questions pending regarding this case. The situation has brought attention to the importance of addressing allegations of abuse promptly and effectively.

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